Traditionally Black ‘U’ getting sued. With an interesting twist.


(From the Universities Facebook Page)

Talk about tying the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in a knot.

Alabama State University’s website touts a campus “as diverse as our academic offerings, with students from more than 40 states and various countries seeking a top-notch education that extends far beyond the walls of a classroom.”

But there seems to be a problem in the faculty side.

From Campus Reform:  According to the lawsuit filed in federal court on June 11, Dr. John Garland is suing the ASU and eight current and former employees for racially discriminating against applicants for university positions and subsequently targeting him when he retaliated against those practices.

“[Garland’s supervisor] expressed his opinion, stated or implied, that Dr. Garland did not belong at the University and was not ‘suited to [the University’s] type of students’ because Dr. Garland is not African-American,” the lawsuit states.

The problem?  Dr. Garland is white.  And he’s gay.

And his husband works there too.

His white same-sex partner, Dr. Steven Chesbro, was hired at the university around that time. They legally married in Maryland in February 2013.

Chesbro is currently dean of COHS, which the lawsuit alleges that students and faculty commonly refer to as “the White House.” He has an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charge filed against the university.

The lawsuit contends that Garland was to be ‘laterally’ transferred after disagreements with a supervisor.  That transfer came with a $23,000/year pay cut.

The Montgomery Advisor reports this isn’t an isolated problem for the historically Black College.  In September 2013:

 “The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a sexual and racial discrimination verdict which awarded $1 million in back pay and lost wages to three female employees.”

And in Garland’s case, even one of the schools diversity officers was named:

An African-American ASU diversity officer complaining at a public campus forum at which Chesbro was chairman that there were too many whites on the faculty. “This is an HBCU, after all,” the suit quotes the diversity officer as saying. “Why did we have to listen to two white men speak today?

Case of hurt feelings?  Or, is this the age of ‘reverse’ discrimination lawsuits just getting started?

This case is interesting.  I’m thinking it’s just the beginning…


H/T Campus Reform

There is one comment

  1. larry

    this kind of treatment has been happening for several years. no one has been able to get a wedge in the dam so to speak. hopefully you are right and the shoe is now on the other foot


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