idiot, idiot, Idiot, IDIOT IDIOT!! Keystone now cya??


As oil prices surge due to ISIS taking over a major oil field in Iraq, a devastating development has emerged in the Keystone oil controversy here at home.

The proposed pipeline, which had been cleared by the State Department, EPA and is even supported by Unions and most Democrats, may have just died.

The Canadian government has just approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline.  To the pacific coast.

Oil, now seemingly bound for China.

The Obama administration, with no objections left but from themselves, had dragged their feet from the beginning.  Operating on an ‘election oriented’ doctrine, it found a way to wait out the American people while scandal after scandal hit the news headlines.

And pushed Keystone under.

From ABC News:

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said Canada’s national interest makes the pipelines essential.

He was “profoundly disappointed” that U.S. President Barack Obama has delayed a decision on the Texas Keystone XL option, and spoke of the need to diversify Canada’s oil industry 

Ninety-seven percent of Canadian oil exports now go to the U.S.

And China is just waiting in the wings.

Meanwhile, China’s growing economy is hungry for Canadian oil. Chinese state-owned companies have invested more than $40 billion in Canadian energy in the past few years.

“They are watching this very, very closely,” said Wenran Jiang, an energy expert and special adviser to Alberta’s Department of Energy.

If Al Gore is right, it was DOA anyway.

“[Obama] has signaled that he is likely to reject the absurdly reckless Keystone XL-pipeline proposal for the transport of oil from carbon-intensive tar sands to be taken to market through the United States on its way to China, thus effectively limiting their exploitation,” Gore wrote in a Rolling Stone story about climate change that was published online Wednesday.

This president is an idiot.


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  1. klagoosh

    Just FYI, there is still a chance for Keystone, due to the fact that the route through BC is so risky. The Canadian PM gave approval, subject to 209 conditions that must be met, and there are more conditions from the BC government that must be met, plus there are dozens of First Nations governments to deal with all along the route who are not even slightly convinced to let it go through their territory. So, it could still take years, and I’m pretty sure the Keystone will still go through (though probably after the present US administration is soundly booted out of office).

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  2. mike

    this just shows obama can be bought off by environmentalist, and is worried more about politics then the american people and the economy. he makes me physically ill thinking about what he has done to our country.

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