*Helping Seniors* Car keys, your personal home alarm


Dogs are great.  My dog, in fact, is awesome.  At 12 lbs., she could alert me and knock the heck out of a stampeding colony of ants should they ever attack my home.

But what about something bigger?  Like a door being kicked in, would she be there for me?

Well, she’d wake up.  She’d wake up and bark like crazy, while diving under the covers like lightning just hit the bed.

And that’s just not going to cut it.

Enter your car keys.  Or actually that little (usually) red ‘panic’ button located on your primary key.  It’s worth the price of the car if someone ever attempts a break-in and you’re home!


Try this:  Go to your bedroom, shut the door and hit the panic button.  Hear it?  The range on most ‘newer’ cars with a panic button is really quite good!  That horn will alert EVERYONE in hearing distance!

So:  Take your car keys to bed!  Make it a habit:  At the sound of a door or window being compromised, hit the button.  That horn will honk till the cows come home, (or at least til the battery goes dead) and that’s going to be a long, long time.

Hit that little (red) button again, and it goes off.  Simple.

And you know whom to best share this with?  Senior citizens.   It’s hard to remember all the time the tools we have around us.  Stop over this weekend, share this with grandma or your fabulous neighbor, and maybe even get them a little hook next to their bed.  Great place for that second set!

It’s amazing what a little piece of mind can do for someone.  Yes I know, not everyone has a car and not everyone has a panic button.  (ALWAYS call 911)

But, this is just one little tool that can give someone a better nights sleep.

So why not share it?  And who better than our most vulnerable?

Pleasant dreams!


[Comments welcome below.  All are read!]

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